Building Hydraulics

Our team successfully manages the design and documentation of building hydraulic services across a wide range of projects types, including:

  • Residential – large and small
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional – private and public
  • Medical – private and public, large and small

We offer expert advice, design and documentation for the following projects:

  • Sewer drainage
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Trade waste drainage
  • On site sewer treatment and disposal
  • Potable water service
  • Water treatment and filtration systems
  • Rainwater collection and reuse service
  • Hot water service
  • Warm water service
  • Fire hydrant service
  • Fire hose reel service
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Automatic fire sprinklers
  • Automatic smoke and thermal fire detection systems
  • Non potable water services
  • Natural gas services