The Team


Led by experienced hydraulic engineer Torsten Olsen, Olsen Infrastructure employs a dedicated team of industry professionals.

We rely on our staff for their wide-ranging knowledge as well as their proficiency in communication and customer service.

Meet the Team

Torsten Olsen – Director and Founder, Hydraulic Engineer and Water Servicing Coordinator

Torsten’s extensive professional history encompasses the design, documentation and contract administration of water supply, sewer, trade waste, stormwater, gas and fire services.

Our founder’s project experience covers:

  • Residential builds and upgrades
  • Hospital developments
  • Commercial projects
  • Fast food outlets
  • Retirement villages
  • Landscape watering systems
  • Sydney Water Infrastructure

As a former plumber, Torsten has a thorough understanding of all facets of the hydraulic design and installation process. Over the past 15 years he has specialised in the delivery of infrastructure projects within the Sydney Water and Hunter Water area of operations.

Katrina Williams – Approvals Manager

With a comprehensive understanding of Sydney Water requirements, Katrina is able to review, advise on and approve building plans while ensuring all relevant guidelines are adhered to.

Marion Lemetayer – Sewer & Water Designer, Civil Engineer

Marion is an experienced Hydraulic and Civil Engineer with experience in urban developments, public sewer and drainage networks, sanitary sewage systems and trunk sewers. As an experienced and reliable project manager, Marion designs, coordinates and oversees all facets of each job.

Barbara Krotofil – Sewer and Water Designer

With extensive Sydney Water experience, Barbara looks after both minor and major works. In addition, she is qualified and skilled in reviewing and approving building plans.

Roya Ahmadi – Hydraulic Designer

Roya is a Hydraulic Designer with experience in building hydraulics and water distribution systems for pipes, reservoirs, tanks and pumps.

Tania Briton – Office Manager

As Olsen Infrastructure’s office manager, Tania is responsible for many facets of the day to day running of the office.

Kylie Gaul – Administration Assistant

Many of our valued clients speak to Kylie as their first point of contact. Her role covers a variety of administration tasks as well as booking in preliminary inspections.

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