Water Servicing Coordinator

As a Sydney Water accredited Water Servicing Coordinator, we provide comprehensive service to property owners, investors and developers with:

  • Section 73 applications
  • Sydney Water Building Plan Approval – building over and adjacent to Sydney Water assets (BOS/BAS)
  • Sewer design – major and minor works
  • Service protection reports (formerly known as sewer peg-out reports)

Section 73 Applications

The purpose of a Section 73 application is to ensure your site has adequate water and wastewater facilities. This may be required for the following type of developments:

  • Subdivision – torrens / community / strata / stratum
  • Granny flats
  • Dual occupancy residences
  • Multi unit developments
  • Industrial / Commercial developments

We can lodge and oversee your Section 73 application ensuring you meet Sydney Water’s requirements.

Sydney Water Building Plan Approval

Any proposed building or renovation project requires a Sydney Water ‘Tap In’ application’. If the proposed development has the potential to impact a Sydney Water asset, a Tap In application will be issued as unsuccessful and a WSC must be engaged. As a WSC, we ensure Sydney Water assets are protected while determining and advising on what is required to gain building plan approval. Our comprehensive building plan approval service offers the following services:

  • Undertake ‘Tap In’ applications on your behalf
  • Review building plans in relation to Sydney Water infrastructure
  • Advise options to comply with Sydney Water guidelines
  • Provide advice on the documents you need for your application
  • Inspect concrete encasement and pier works as necessary
  • Lodgement of Sydney Water ‘Out of scope’ applications


Service Protection Reports (SPR) (formerly known as a Sewer Peg-out)

Our organisation is accredited by Sydney Water to conduct Service Protection Reports (SPR). The purpose of the report is to document the location of any Sydney Water assets. This information is then used to finalise architectural and structural plans to fulfil Sydney Water requirements. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming development